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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Tai Vautier Jewelry is 100% handcrafted using old world techniques. These techniques are what give Tai Vautier Jewelry its very distinct textures and an ancient look. Tai's jewelry includes intentionally uneven lines, misshapen circles, rough surfaces and asymmetrical qualities. Hours of work go into each piece. Due to the handmade and irregular style of Tai Vautier Jewelry, refunds are NOT accepted. Tai will how ever kindly and generously work with you around any repairs you need, sizing issues you may have or adjustments needed to make you happy with your purchase. If an item should break she will repair the item for free. Tai puts a lot of effort into making sure every customer is happy with each and every piece of jewelry purchased from her. If the item is a gift and is not the right thing she will accept exchanges and credits towards other pieces or custom work.

Sizing needs: in the event that a ring you purchased no longer fits properly your purchase includes one free sizing. After this initial sizing all other sizing will be $50.

Custom work: in general custom work is twice as laborious as jewelry that is ready made. This is because there is usually a consultation, a design session, photos that are exchanged, and a final fitting and in some cases a refitting. All of this equals a lot of time for both parties. Please expect customs orders to take about 6-8 weeks to be ready and cost roughly 40% more than ready made jewelry. If you are simply ordering a standard ready made design but with a different stone or just in a different size, then in general this is the same cost as a regular priced piece.

Gallery Orders: due to the high demand for Tai Vautier Jewelry we are unable to do strictly consignment for new galleries. If you are a gallery and you wish to carry Tai vautier Jewelry we are excited to work with you. We require a minimum $3500 purchase. and we will MATCH you in consignment work. So for example: If you purchase $3500 of jewelry at wholesale then we will match you with an additional $3500 in consignment inventory. You would have to label your items in such a way that we receive the monthly sales from the consigned pieces. When you purchase wholesale you can choose the pieces, for consignment we choose the pieces. This method works great with our galleries and we will keep you restocked with consignment pieces through out the year. If at any point you would like to purchase specific pieces to renew your inventory you may place another wholesale order which we will MATCH with more consignment pieces.