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Tai Vautier has been making jewelry for almost 20 years. She employs advanced techniques such as alloying her own metals, fusing, reticulation and micro-granulation to achieve her unique textures.

Tai Vautier was born in Denia, Spain in 1974, to eclectic hippie parents. Tai is a Swiss and American citizen and moved to the United States when she was 3 years old. She had a very unusual and spiritual upbringing and was raised in a multi lingual and cultural environment in a small buddhist community amongst the tall redwood trees of Northern California. As a youngster she mainly painted, illustrated and used photography to express her creative talents. As Tai got older she was very drawn to the world of adornments and jewelry.  


Tai is very intrigued and inspired by the textures that appear in nature. Twisted trees, worn down rocks, bark, leaves and especially the cosmos. Tai is equally inspired by the beautiful adornments and tapestry's from around the world. Her parents lived for many years in the East and collected beautiful artifacts from the Swat Valley, India, Pakistan, Turkistan and Afghanistan. Tai also has traveled through out South East Asia, India, Thailand, and Nepal. The textiles and adornments of these regions are inspiring and influential in the look and design of her jewelry. She has found a way to merge her love of nature with her love of tribal jewelry together in a singular artistic style.


Tai's jewelry doesn't just stop at artistic expressions. Tai has close to 20 years of experience with metallurgy as she found her way to her hallmark designs and unique textures. These textures are the result of hours of experimentation, alloying, fusing, reticulation techniques and micro-granulation. She then heavily oxidizes her work and uses high karat gold to create a beautiful contrast between the metals. Tai showcases precious and semi precious gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, aquamarines and tourmalines and many others in her jewelry. Her work is mainly fabricated, rarely cast and no Precious Metal Clay is used in her designs. Tai is mainly self taught taking classes in high school and later some lost-wax casting classes in college.


Tai cares deeply for the planet and animals. roughly 10% of the proceeds of her work go to several different organizations that benefit the planet and animals. She uses mainly recycled metals and repurposed stones when ever possible. She feels it is important to have as little negative or exploitive impact on the planet. Tai is a vegetarian and in her free time runs a non profit organization to benefit animals.


Tai serves as the Art Show Chair director for Portland Oregons', Creative Metal Arts Guild. This guild is comprised of metalsmiths from the Northwest. Tai durects their annual art show which happens every year at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. This art show is a compilation of 6 Northwest guilds, showcasing, pottery, glass, beads, woodworking, metal craft and weaving. It is know as "The Gathering of the Guilds".