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concave galactic ruby cuff


Tai Vautier Jewelry for sale.
This selection is of my specialty pieces.
More of my regular and affordable pieces can be found in my Etsy shop.
I sell most of my jewelry in person or through galleries,
but I have a small selection available here and on Etsy:;

also Visit me on INSTAGRAM at TaiVautierJewelry for current news and photos

concave galactic ruby cuff

sold out

concave galactic ruby cuff


This bracelet is like having your own personal milky way cosmos around your wrist everyday. There is something so liberating about looking up at the cosmos at night and realizing how small we are in this giant web of life and yet how interconnected we all are at every moment~ This bracelet helps remind us of our finiteness so that we can live each moment as fully as possible. A very comfy fit for all wrists, 1.5 inches wide and 6 inches in diameter. Can be adorned with any stone you like! This cuff is so comfortable that you won’t even feel it! It tapers on the back for a very airy and cozy fit. Made from specialized blends of sterling silver and 22 karat gold.

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